Monday, June 30, 2008

Enough is enough !!

Right. I've had it. Absolutely had it up to the roof.

For those of you who don't know me and haven't talked to me before, i have a medical condition. One of many really but this is the one that makes everything bugger up. I don't have regular periods i bleed and bleed and bleed for months on end. This in turn makes me badly anaemic and then i have to have blood transfusions and all sorts of other wonderful things to make me better. So at the moment i'm up to week 3 and nearly blacking out when i stand up so i've decided enough is enough !!! They don't know what's wrong with me and i've been poked and prodded and had every test done under the sun for the last 12 years and still nothing. I'm so very over it. Last time i saw the gynaecologist he gave me these pills called Provera to stop the bleeding and said i need to take the pill (the pill makes me sick though.. go figure ?!) so long story short today i got jack of it all and started taking the Provera to stop the bleeding. And i'll have to try and take another type of pill i suppose.. I feel like absolute crap which is making it impossible to do anything and all i want to do it eat to get my energy levels up which doesn't work anyway.. And then i'm nearly blacking out all the time so makes it almost impossible to exercise. Drives me bloody nuts !!!!

Sorry for grossing everyone out but thought you should know the full story. And this problem settles right down and i develop a regular cycle when i'm thin. So i just realllllly need to keep my eyes on the prize so i can lose weight and fix it !!


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smiles said...

Hi Sam, found your blog through other blogs - am considering the band and have my first consult with the surgeon in a couple of weeks. This post stood out, cause of the medical condition you describe. It took over 10 years for my diagnosis, after much frustration, I had a full blood works done with a haematologist, who diagnosed me with Von Willebrand disease. It's a bleeding condition. It might not be your answer - unless you already know what your problem is...? Anyway, just wanted to share in case this was helpful.