Thursday, June 12, 2008

yes i know.. i'm slack.

yes i know.. i'm slack.
hey guys !
long time no see i know. but i'm just so so so technologically retrded these days i kind of put the blog in the too hard basket ! but a few little voices.. not mentioning anyone (trish, gabs and bridget) have told me to keep updating.. because it can be like my little online diary. even if noone reads it. so here it is.

i've been banded for a couple of months now (banded on the 13/02/08 and alot has happened in that time. i've gone from 123.8 the day of the op to now sitting on 107.8 today which is really exciting.. but my food choices havn't been great and nor has my exercise really. i've been a bit slack to be really honest. a couple of weeks ago i got a stomach bug and spent like 4 days spewing my hole out.. and i think you're going to guess what happens next. yep, you got it. my band has slipped. when my surgeon told me i was absolutely crushed. i initially called him because i thought the band was just irritated because every time i tried to eat something it was a no go and everytime i tried to have a drink, even water, it was like a gurgling sink. and then if i coughed or anything i'd throw up everywhere. (i even spewed down my leg and in my bed one night while trying to hold in the vomit and skip off to the toilet at the same time. LOL !) so he advised me that i should come in in the morning. i went in to see him and he took the fluid out which was a major relief to be able to drink again and he said he didn't think it was anything major, that i'd just irritated it with all the vomiting, but to get one of those lovely barium swallows just to make sure. and we all know the result of that. a slip.

as i said, i was devastated when he told me. utterly crushed. the dude in the xray department said it was fine it hadn;t slipped and then the surgeon came back to me with yes it had. i was so confused. the first thing i wanted to do was go over to the radiograpgher and punch him in the face because i was so SO upset. i felt like he had let me down. and then my surgeon came up with this magical plan that we would "manage" the slip. ie. not have surgery to reposition. but then i started getting all refluxy again and all that jazz so he called me back in last week and again took all the fluid out of my band (he put 3 ml back in when he'd told me it had slipped) and booked me for surgery which is next wednesday. so i've been having a pretty tough time of late. at one point there i just wanted the band off. wish i'd never had the silly thing put on in the first place.. but then i came to my senses and realised that i couldn't have lost the weight i have already without it and that i need to get it fixed and keep myself motivated and going.. and i still have another 40 kg to lose and i've not been able to do it on my own previously so i'm pretty sure that if i got the band taken off that my willpower would still be MIA.

i just need to tell myself that this is a good thing that has happened. and this time, i'm going to do it right. and update my blog !!


sami Xx
Posted: 10:56 PM, 8/6/2008

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