Saturday, June 14, 2008

liquid phase. How exceptional.

Hey everyone,
well i had my surgery on Wednesday and today is Saturday so i guess that i'm now 4 days post op. It's going pretty well so far but i must admit i'm with my family at the moment i'm finding the liquids thing a bit hard to handle again. It was hard enough the first time and i knew it was going to suck but just underestimated how hard.. again. I'm trying my absolute hardest to stay on the liquids and not cheat and sneak normal foods but my willpower is being so so SO tested at the moment. As i said, i think it's because i'm with my family and it's making it harder. God it sucks !!

Also, i've not done any exercise either but i suppose i have only had my surgery 4 days ago. I feel lazy and i really want to get into it- but i'm sore and i can't at the moment. So i feel lazy and then i feel guilty and then i want to eat and it alllll starts again. I'd love comments from anyone about how far into the liquid phase they cheated and ate real food. Not as a justification to make myself feel ok with doing it- because i'm reallly trying to do the liquid this time.

I just feel useless.
Yours in misery-
Sami Xx

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Kel said...

You want to cheat and eat real food? The only person you will be cheating is yourself..... Now go and get that straw.....