Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekly task - week 2

Soooo last week i conquered the vending machine task with flying colours. It was hard but i got through it. So i've had a good long hard think to myself and this week my task is going to be.. To choose water more over Sprite Zero. Now i love love love Sprite Zero to bits. But because of my love for it, i hardly ever choose water. So this week my primary task it to choose water more and my secondary task is to check out some of the exercise classes at the gym.

In the exercise department i must admit i had a bit of a win today.. I ran up a hill. That's pretty cool. It was a steep big hill too. I can't wait until my fitness is good enough that i can sling on my workout clothes and announce that i'm going for a run. That will be an exciting moment for me definitely.

What will be even more exciting is when i can get some fill in my band. That will make me very excited. All i want is to not feel hungry between meals like i was before my slip..

Soon hopefully. Wish me luck on this week's task !!
Sami Xx

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