Tuesday, June 17, 2008

H20= good !!

Hey hey !

today was another interesting, eventful one. I started my day with a trip to the dentist. I hadn't been in about 10 years so naturally, i need a couple of fillings and i know i grind my teeth so they suggested i get an occlusal splint. Apparently this will help with my headaches as well and my teeth are reallllly hurties in the morning after waking up and grinding them. So they did one filling today and i have to have the others in a couple of weeks. I'm thinking, that i may become a dentist. $1750 worth of treatment i'll have in the next couple of weeks not counting today's $230 ! Crikey !

On the band front, i'm craving water. That's it, you heard me right.. WATER !! I know it's a random thing to crave but i think it's excellent ! I really don't drink enough of it to be realllly honest. And i need to start if i'm to get the healthy glow that i want. I updated my ticker today as well. Now i've lost a grand total of 17.7 kg since banding !! YAY me ! And i must say that all this slip business has sucked huge time, but my recovery has been much much better.

ughhh work tomorrow. god i hate it. hate it with the fire of a thousand suns.

think of me.. slaving away.

Sami Xx

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Bridget said...

Holy Shit I didn't realise that you'd lost so much! Go you!!!
Love lots