Saturday, June 28, 2008

So cranky i could tear my hair out !!!!

I want to start this blog post on a positive note.

I won the weekly task.. and successfully stayed AWAY from the vending machine at work. how exciting !!!!!!!!!!

And got on the scales yesterday and saw 105.5 and i was pretty excited because the scales had moved.. Not much, but any move is a good move ! Until this morning. And i got on and saw 106.6. Pissed off is an understatement. I was so so cranky.. I've been working my arse off and it feels like for absolutely nothing. Not that i should be weighing mind you.. Aunt Flo is still visiting. For the 3rd consecutive week. So that's making me cross and sick as well. Just feels like everything is so bloody hard at the moment. I was expecting to see a good loss because i've stayed away from chips and coke this week but obviously i need to work harder...

I'm so frustrated !!!!!
Hoping everyone else is having better luck..
Sami Xx

PS. i'll post tomorrow about this weeks task

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Bridget said...

Remember what we said about the scales? Don't be so ard on yourself! You also gotta remember about the cms you might be losing. Why dont you take some measurements and check them each month?