Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Damn that nazi Pump Bitch !!!

Today i had the pleasure of attending my first pump class. It was less than enjoyable i must admit. I feel good knowing that i actually made the effort to get out there.. But my body is screaming at me for it. And food will no longer be an issue i'm feeling. Because i may never be able to move my arms OR legs ever again.

My husband came with me for moral support. I'm going to refer to him in the blog from now on as "The Commando". He's just informing me that it's good that i'm sore because the sorer you are the more energy you'll be burning trying to repair the muscles. That's a great thing to know. Big help. Thanks hun.

I'm thinking tomorrow night if i'm feeling upto it after work i might have a crack at Body Step. Not sure yet but i'll see how it goes.. I'm at work until 5.30 so i might be a bit knackered. But i'll definitely try.

I hope everyone else is feeling good and getting into. Bring on the fill !!!!!
Sami Xx

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Bridget said...

Lol! Yes, pump at first is painful! But your body will love it soon! Step is so much fun! I really love it! At first you feel so unco! Haha!
Not long til fill now!!