Thursday, June 12, 2008

And My reflection troubles Me.. So here I go..

And My reflection troubles Me.. So here I go..
Goodevening guys,
well i'm home finally ! it's such a long drive. i had to come home and get weighed at my surgeon. and..... i haven't lost anything. but, the super news is that i haven't put on anything since i last saw him either. i reckon that's a pretty fair effort for having no fill ! but as i said in last night's post, i'm so so nervous.. i so desperately want this to work but it's so hard. i think- after all this time, that my head is ready. that takes alot for me to say because i've kind of felt like i deserved to have my band slip. i was naughty with the liquid and mushies stages and ate normal food, and i didn't chew properly.. and i was so so lazy. but i am confident in saying i've learnt my lesson.

this band has taught me so much already, not just about who i am with the band, but about who I am. i've been so lost and confused for so long i haven't even known who i am. and now with everything that's happened, i'm slowly beginning to feel like me again. and i haven't felt like that for soooo long i was trying to fight it, but i can't anymore.

when i get out of hospital i shall post about how it all went..
i'm not calling for a second chance, i'm screaming at the top of my voice
Posted: 8:22 PM, 10/6/2008

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