Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello out there !!

Hello out there !!
Hi Everyone !
My name is Sam and this is My first blog entry. My blog is about.. drumroll.. My lap Band surgery. I was banded on the 13/02/08 in Townsville by Dr Peter Bovey (who might I say is a very clever rooster indeed !)
I wanted to start writing this blog because since I made the decision to have this surgery I have sourced so much support and have been greatly reassured by other bandits with blogs and now i'd like to share My experience.
The lap band is a huge decision to make. Let Me start by saying that i've been big My whole life (except for when I was around 19 and being a nightclub dj.. not sleeping and living on Duromine !) Now i'm 22 and i've decided I'm well over looking and feeling like fat albert 24/7. On the day I was banded I weighed 123.8. Now i'm stagnating on around 116. Still a good loss for around 5.5 weeks though ! I can honestly say to anyone out there who is considering being banded, that this is singlehandedly the hardest thing I have ever done in My life. But i'm sure that when i reach My goal weight i won;t be feeling like that !

Just wanted to give you a bit of a background about Me, would love to hear from anyone with questions, my email is,
So signing off for now..
Yours in losing,
Sami Xx
Posted: 8:38 AM, 25/3/2008

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