Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly task - Big Brother style..

Hi everyone,
after consulting with my motivator and just general arse kicker Gabs, i've decided to set myself weekly goals. I'm going to run it like a task.. Big Brother style !!!

My husband and i were talking today and discussing when i put the majority of my weight on. He said it was when he went to East Timor the first time.. However, within a couple of weeks of him going, i started at the job that i'm in at the moment. And this, i;ve decided is what's triggered the weight gain. I don't think. I know. Since i started there, i've changed completely. I'm stressed out all the time, on edge.. Anddddd there are vending machines in our tea room. Big ones. And i'm their best customer. I can sit at work and eat 2 packets of chips and 2 cans of coke PER DAY. Ans then in the afternoon if i'm bored i might have some chocolate. It's not acceptable. It's like i'm deliberately trying to sabotage myself and it stops now.

Therefore- this weeks task is to not go near the vending machines at all. Except for bottles of water. These are now a no go zone. The task for the week is to not have ANY chips OR coke out of the vending machines from work. I'm going to take Sprite zero from home instead. I'm thinking i should have a good loss if i cut these out.

Lookout Monday- It's on like donkey kong biiiiatch !!!!!


Gabrielle said...

Message to 65kg Sam....please kick "current Sam"s butt this week. If she so much as looks at the evil vending machine please stop her and yell at her!! Remind her of her goals and that you are much stronger than any devil chip or coke urge. Heehee
Thank you,

Bridget said...

You can do this and you will do this!!!
I want a daily report missy!! Lol.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh so much sweety, its like were banding twins, didnt I write almost the exact same thing a few weeks
I am happy to say this fill is startin to kick in. Although, vienetta still slides down good as
Dr says he doesnt want me loosing basically to tell me he has no intention of allowing me to go tight again so I will quit asking for more fill.ha ha.....good luck darling I'll be here if you need to have a good bitch. xxTrish