Sunday, August 31, 2008

But wait- Did anyone hear the word AWESOME ?

So.. remember how a couple of posts ago i showed a photo of a massive hill that sits behind my house ? Saying it's my exercise goal to walk up it ? Well guess what ? Today, the 30/08/08 i did it. I walked ALLLLLLLL the way up that damn hill and back !

I had a couple of rest breaks along the way i must admit for some water and to stretch but i got there. Allll the way up. I was so proud of myself when i got to the top i could not wipe the smile off my face.. However- there is a downer. Now that i've done it once i have no excuse not to do it again. Of course this will help with the 10 kilos i'm planning to get off in the next 27 days but i kid you not- one part of that hill was so steep, a lady walked down with her dog and it was panting and i thought oh my god that's my exact reflection !!!

Foodwise today been pretty good. And still trying to be gluten free as well. Kudos for motivation !!!

Ps- top pic is the view when i got to the top and the bottom pic is of the view coming down.. so beautiful.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And i'm thinking about getting a tattoo at goal- although my mother has threatened to disown me =)

this is what i want if i get one.. this way i can hide it with my hair.. clever !!

Sam has her cranky pants on

So yeah i'm not really a happy girl today..

The husband has given me the shits. So yes in a fairly foul mood. The 20 kilos in 12 weeks thing isn't really going the greatest either. So yeah not a happy girl. Picked out a possible outfit for the magical army ball though and Jennifer Hudson Wore it so it's designed for women with curves- but- it's a jumpsuit. It's cute though. Totally disregard the pic of Heidi Klum, Jennifer Hudson is the go. Looks hot !! On the weight side fairly restricted which is a good thing but still can't push past this plateau. Grrrrr !!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The heat is on !

Sorry i haven't updated for a bit guys- yes i know i'm slack but i had to go and dj that abomination of an excuse for a party in childers and then got back and had to go to work so it's just been go go go !!

On the weight loss front as of this morning currently sitting on a very nice figure of 99.5.  I'm ok with that- but  i have the following social events coming up to keep me motivated

-September 6th - my birthday
-September 27th - the grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party
-October 11th- wedding back home in Innisfail (which  haven't been back to since i left in 2003 !!)
-Octber 18th- Goosey Lucy's 18th birthdy party
- Mid November- The 1RAR ball.  The first one my lovely husband has ever invited me to.  

Sooooo long story short i'd like to try and lose 20kg in 12 weeks (copletely laughable, yes i am aware..)   But most of these army wives are like size 10 so yeah..  If i could at least get to 80kg that'd help !  I wouldn't have to go looking like fat albert. 

On a more positive note i got a fill the ther day so i now have 5.5 ml in a 10 ml band.  Nearly pb'd last night for the first time since re-banding.  I was scared shitless !!  Cannot afford another slip at all- my dr says 3 strikes and you're out.  Bugger !!  

Hope everyone else is travelling ok..
thought and wishes and hugs 
Sami Xx

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ok.. it's time for crisis mode !

So in my last post i was talking about this wonderful dress i'd found to wear to my grandparents 50th anniversary party.. And i was so excited cos it was a really pretty dress and i was glad not to have to stress about it anymore. Well- got the order confirmation today. Dress is on backorder and won't be posted until at least the 05/11/08. The party is the 27/09/08. You can imagine how impressed i am. There was alot of swearing going on to say the least !! So now i'm back to square one.

On the weightloss front it hasn't been real flash either just quietly. I got below the 100 which i was ecstatic about and then back over- probably due to the pizza and hungry jacks i ate yesterday.. celebrating my last night of eating gluten. Because as of today Bridget and I are on strict gluten free diets ! I've tried this before to no avail cos everything i like has gluten in it.. Mmmmm. So here we go again, but this time, i'm playing to win.

Til next time-
Sami Xx

This is the magical hill that i want to walk up

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'll be down at the gym.. Just working on my fitness, she's my witness ;)

Hi Everyone,
well i finally did it !!!  I cracked the 100 kg mark !  Excited is the understatement of the year.  But now what i reallllly need to concentrate on apart from getting the weight down on the scales is actually re-shaping and toning my body.  So for this, i have chosen pilates.  And of course walking as well.  I went walking tonight and I'm proud to say that i got 6 km done in just under 40 minutes.  I smashed it.  I was so pleased.  Which is really good because i have a fitness goal.  For those of us who are Townsvilleites or familiar with the area there's this massive rock  sitting right in the middle (just behind my house) called Castle Hill.  To walk up and back is about 8 km, so it is my goal to be able to fit enough to get all the way up and back down that hill !!!!  So i need to gradually ease myself into it.  I'm going to put a picture up on the blog of the hill as soon as i can work out my new computer because my gorgeous husband has just bought me a brand spanking new apple mac desktop.  The big big 24" ones.  It's brilliant and i love it so much i'd have sex with it if i could !  Pretty happy with this weekend.. Apart from the drama with the dr on saturday of which i'll post another time- but long story short it'll be ending in a complaint to the health rights commission and the owner of the practice.  I'm so sick of being fucked around !!!  
Hope everyone else is keeping their motivation..
Oh and i've found a dress for my grandparents 50th anniversary party on the 27th of September (for which i'd like to lose at least another 10 kg for.. hopeful.. lol !!)  So i'm pretty psyched up for that.  Looking forward to it.
I'll write about the dr debarcle tomorrow if i can and post a picture of this huge motherfucker hill !!!
Talk Soon,
Sami Xx