Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's not you, it's me. Or is it ?

Hi blogland !
Long time since i've posted i know but i've had soooo much going on !! I went to get a fill the other day because i had severely lost restriction since my last fill and i got to thinking to myself before i went to the dr, "so many people can lose weight successfully with the band.. maybe it's just me.." hence the title it's not you, it's me. I'd been eating like a horse and not exercising and just generally feeling like shit about myself. So first stop was the GP who did blood tests. They came back and my iron level was down. For an adult it's supposed to be between 150 and 200 and mine was..... 14 !! So just a touch low. So i'm back on iron injections now which doesn't overly impress me but it'll make me feel better. Then.. it was off to the fill dr. So he says to me ok, i've put in 2.5ml and i said to him "ok so i have 8.5 ?!!" To which he replied no you only had 3.5ml so i've put you upto 6ml.. BUH-BOW !!!!!! He put in 6 last time which brings me to one conclusion- the band is leaking. Now when i first started losing fill a whole year ago i thought oh maybe it was just an accident with the measuring.. But now to have lost that much in 3 weeks, something is definitely wrong ! So i've booked an appointment with my surgeon for when i go back to Townsville. I'm quietly hoping he says lets just replace the whole bang lot. I'm over the problems i've had with this band. OVER IT !!!!!!!!! I want to work with it like i had been before and lose weight.. Not be fucked around with missing fill and all the rest of the bullshit. It's totally unacceptable !!

To make matters worse i'm bleeding everywhere again, it seems i can't take a trick lately.

On a more positive note my boy gets back in about 10 weeks. I'm so excited i can't even tell you how much.. And i'm going back home to Townsville. Have decided to go back to the dreaded hole that is work. It's shithouse and it stresses me out but it's easy and good money. And there's a whole heaps of stuff i want to do to our house so i've gotta go back to work. Bleugh !! Thinking when the boy gets home i'll throw him a big welcome home BBQ.. Should be fun !

Anyway team i gotta jet. So much to do and no time to do it as always.. But i want to throw a huuuuuge shoutout to my girl Ash !! She's just started reading my blog.. Keep reading gf !!

Love love,
Sami Xx