Thursday, June 12, 2008

i'm out of hospital.. now onward and upward !!!

Hi everybody !!!

well i'm out and i survived ! only just though. My surgeon told Me that he was only going to pull my stomach through the band and re-suture but he told me this morning that he had to take the whole band off and do it again.. Not quite sure why but it's done now anyway. Feeling a touch like all My ribs are broken but apart from that i'm pretty good this time. I'm determind and i'm motivated and this is going to happen for Me. Even if i have to work my arse off for it !

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their well wishes- i appreciate them very very much. As you can see, i've changed my blog address (after some gentle persuasion from Bridget) I just couldn't work the other one out. So at least with this one it's a bit more idiot proof and i can post pics and stuff. LOL !!!

I've resisted the urge to get on the scales.. even though i desperately want to !! i just know that i want my goal weight to be around 68 kg. that might be a bit thin though cos i'm 174 cm tall. i shall see how i go definitely.

well i best go and try and sip sip sip.. and i'm going to try and add a ticker to this thing. get a bit techno savvy...

yours in determination.

Sami Xx
PS. i nearly punched on at the x-ray department this morning. the stupid heads made me drink that yukky aniseed crap. i wouldn't mind but far out it gives you the trots something chronic !!!!

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Bridget said...

Yay I'm popping your comment cherry! Hehehe!
Glad you are ok.
Blogspot is much easier to use! You won't regret it! Will add your blog addy to my page so ppl can come check it out
Love Bridget :0)