Thursday, June 12, 2008

massive MASSIVE day !!

massive MASSIVE day !
hi guys,
just a quick one tonight. had to drive to cairns this morning from townsville to drop my daughter off with my family while i have my surgery on wednesday. (my husband is in the magical army and is out bush.. mmhmm) and tomorrow i have to drive alllllll the way home and then see the surgeon. and then surgery wednesday. it's so so so hard. and i'm not looking forward to it. it was bad enough the first time. i can only imagine how excellent it'll be this time getting through all that scar tissue. lovely.

i hope all you other bandsters are holding down the fort for me in the weightloss stakes !! i currently have no fill in my band and i suck with a capital S. bring on wednesday. even though it'll hurt again.. and i'll have to be on opti for another 2 weeks.. again !!!
blog soon-
sami xx
Posted: 8:58 PM, 9/6/2008

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