Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Green Eyed Monster..

This blog is going to be a rant- you have been warned.

I know i'm not the best person in the world to keep up with the exercise and the good eating but i mean there are worse people than me that are losing a whole lot more weight. I know i've had a setback with the slipped band and that but it fucks me off no end to see people that were banded after me and have lost more. My health is also not in the best shape at the moment but i just cannot help beating myself and simply being- jealous. People lose weight at different rates bla bla bla.. you'll get there.. bla bla bla. It's just shit. I've been kicking myself cos I haven't lost more, it's like i've plateaued and now i don't know what to do. It just shits me. I've booked myself in for a fill on Tuesday though. Only having 2.5ml in is utterly ridiculous.

Now on to the rant about my doctors. I'm still having iron injections because i'm STILL bleeding. Yep you heard it right.. after all this time, i'm still going. They've put me on 6 progesterone pills a day and it's still not stopping it. I'm so annoyed. I'm annoyed that i feel like crap, i'm annoyed at the medical bills i have to pay and most of all i'm annoyed at their incompetence. Theior latest theory is that there might be some placenta left in my womb from when i had my daughter 2.5 years ago.. They dug some out during a D&C last year but they think i might have to have another one. I tell you what, if they do and there's anything in there i'll be taking legal action. They didn't find the first bit of placenta until my daughter was 14 months old so by the stage i had pelvic inflamatory disease from all that yukky being left in there for so long so then they told me cos of that infection my fallopian tubes are possibly rooted and to fall pregnant again i might need IVF. More money.. Theiving bastard doctors. So i'll blog about how all that crap goes down as it happens.

Finally, I have to DJ this party in a couple of weeks and i cannot find an outfit. Everything i look at is frigging horrid or alternatively made for a 50 year old. It's starting to become a major fashion crisis. This party is like two and a half weeks away !! At this point i'll be going to the camping stores to enquire about embellished circus tents.

On a more positive note i'm losing my voice. How exceptional when you work in a call centre.
Send me positive vibes people !!

Sami Xx

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Melanie said...

thanks for your comments on my blog. Hey, I remember that my life was hell on gynaecological wheels from about 19 through to about 23 and then things settled down. PCOS wasn't even invented way back then but not having periods then became y problem. I don't know whether it's worth thinking about but going low-carb helped me - also I threw away all birth control and hormal treatments and stuck with mechanicals - yeah the condoms and diaphragm. You're right to be angry about medical stuff ups but you need to concentrate on eating as healthily as you can and becoming well. Don't forget the hi potency vitamins every day. Don't compare yourself to other people - this is your journey and it doesn't have to be fast and no said it couldn't meander around a bit - you're heading in the right direction if you step back and look at the bigger picture. Postive vibes coming your way, Melanie