Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tough Week =(

Hi Everyone,
i've had a pretty tough week this week. Been reallly struggling with everything. Working hard and seeing no results really sucks !! I had a deal on with Bridget that we weren't going to weigh in until yesterday and i got on the scales and hadn't lost a cracker.. I was so- deflated. Deflated is really the only word i can think of to describe my disappointment. It's very hard too because i'm still another 10 days off fill (my dr is away on annual leave..) So i have no restriction, i'm starving 24/7 and i can eat what i like. Excellent.

On a brighter note, i got on the scales this morning expecting to see 106 like i did yesterday.. and to my delight i see... drumroll... 104.4 !!!! So excited ! I'm still hurting from that silly pump class though.. But it must have done some good i'm thinking !! Bridget's going to start doing Pilates.. I'm thinking i might have a crack at it- it might help me relax and wind down from work.. Or maybe Yoga ? Does anyone know if these are good for weight loss ?

Keep up the great work guys !
Sami Xx

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Bridget said...

That's such an awesome weight loss- especially with no restriction!! Well done! Be proud!
Pilates is super super good for your core, it creates longer leaner muscles and you honestly do lose cms. Last time I was doing it about 4 times a week at home, I lost about 15 cms (only to gain them back plus more which I am happy to say I have booted again!)
bridget :0)