Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I took the sweet life but never knew i'd be bitter from the sweet

Where do i start today ? The last few days i've been up and down like a yoyo. That's an understatement. I've been so so hungry alll the time and because i get hungry then i psych out which isn't fun for anyone around me because my body goes mental. Thank god my surgeon got me in today so, yes.. I FINALLY got some fill !!! The Dr only gave me 2.5 ml because he said there'd be thickening around the band now and he doesn't want to fill me but i'm back in for review and possibly more fill in about 3 weeks time. The good news is my weight is staying stable so that's a good thing indeed. It's been raining in sunny Townsville which is a rare occurrence so the walking has been a bit stagnant but i did go on saturday so that's a step in the right direction. But otherwise i've been a bit slack.

Finally went to the GP yesterday about the fact that Aunt Flo is STILL here visiting.. I didn't really want to go because i knew i'd just hear the same old shit and didn't really feel like paying $100 bucks for that privelege just at that point in time. But i went. Now i'm back on the provera pills to try and stop the bleeding and give me a break for ten days or so. The only problem with this is that when you go off that wretched stuff you have the "withdrawal bleed." I can't friggin win.. And i'm so over it. I'm lucky to have lost as much weight as i have so far with all the other crap going on.

I suppose for now that i just need to be content with the fact that i have some fill.. I have a goal which i'll write about later on today. At this point it seems unachievable but i need to try anyway..

Sami Xx

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