Thursday, July 17, 2008


I've been sooooo hungry i could eat one of my lounge cushions or the leg off a chair or something ! And i've noticed that since i've had no fill my blood sugar is going everywhere from being hungry and then i instantly feel like i'm going to vomit everywhere. Ahhh the wonder of the band. When i'm filled i don't get any of that which is a godsend cos i'm one psycho bitch when i haven't eaten and i'm hungry !!

Got on the scales this morning and had put on 0.5kg. I was sooo pissed. Particularly when i've been trying so hard to behave myself- (although i am thinking that the pizza i had on tuesday night and the leftover pizza i had last night would not have helped the loss situation much. LOL !!) So tonight i've made sure i've been really good- watching what i eat, but unfortunately still haven't exercised. The Commando is out bush at the moment and so i've slipped back into the single mother role nicely.. this is my day.

5.30 am - get up and have a shower

6am - breakfast time and the various cocktail of pills i take

6.15 - get charlie up and dress her and organise her things for daycare

6.35 - drive the commando to work

7.15 - drop Charlie off at daycare

7.50 - work.. YUK !!!!!!!

5.20pm - finish work.. yay !!!
5.35 - rush to pick charlie up from daycare.

5.45 - venture to get the commando if he hasn't already got a lift and had a relaxing

afternoon at home..

6.15 - get home and cook dinner and put on a load of washing- yay.

7 pm - eat dinner

8 - try to get the little monster to sleep

9 - hang washing out

9.20 - chill on the net for a while

10-11 - somewhere here i crawl into bed..

This routine is all pending if the commando is home of course. if not it's all me.. so bathing charlie and all of that stuff i get to do as well- hence my week is incredibly busy and with my other problem i get tired really quickly and don't get enough sleep as it is by the time i wind down. When he gets back this time though i'm going to try and make a conscious effort to walk 5 days per week- minimum !! I've lost so much weight now that my belly and my boobs look like plastic bags full of water cos i haven't really kept up the exercise to tone my skin..

Anyway- this blog is a marathon.. but i'll leave you with this. a pic of me and my bestie at my 21st when i was weighing around 104kg.. i'm now 102 =Di'm the sexy blonde on the left. lol !!!
keep fighting the good fight everyone..
Sami Xx

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Bridget said...

Hunny, no wonder you tell me you are tired all the time! You get so little sleep! And with the other things health wise I totally understand how u feel as im there with you too.
Why cant hubby cook dinner for u so things are a little easier?
I better start up with more exercise. You put me to shame when you say you want to do a minimum 5 days a week!!!