Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekly tasks are back like cooked crack !

Ok, i know i've been slack on the weekly task front but i've been sick and tired and over everything. I've just been on a real downer the last week and being back on those nasty injections doesn't help. And being ravenous isn't real flash either just quietly ! So i've booked a fill for next tuesday and i suppose i'll just have to suffer the dreaded 101.9 til then. BUT this is where the weekly task comes in..

I have a magical exercise bike sitting in my lounge room that sits there looking lovely. My aim for the week is to ride the fucker for 45 minutes every day in a bid to try and get me under the hundred as quick as possible. I'm busting to be into the double digits.. Not that i'm behaving like it though i must admit. So that's the goal for this week.

I've had a really bad day at work today. I want to stab work through it's bastard demon heart. I was in the door for like 10 minutes and my team leader was getting up me.. Usually my TL is rad but today no way. PIssed me off no end. So then i was pissed from 8 in the morning til i walked out of the silly place at 5.20. I need to get myself organised, sort out what i wanna do and get on with it. If i'm going to do my degree i need to get on with it and stop fucking around !!!

I've been thinking to myself about this weight loss thing what i'd like to do for myself as an ultimate goal.. and as the Tiffany ring is out of reach at the moment i had to come up with an alternative. So, i was walking past this glamour photography place in Campbelltown when i was in Sydney and there was this pic in the window of this chick all done up but she was naked. You could see none of her bits but by george it was tasteful. It really was a beautiful photo. So i've decided that's what i'm going to do- pose naked. But i want the pic done the same as that chicks.. And after i get my tits done as well. I've never been brave enough to think about doing that but i'm motivated. I know i can do this. And so can all of you reading this.

Stay positive-
Sami Xx


Melanie said...

Wow,what an adventurous goal. Interestly, my mum had tasteful glamour nude shots taken by a professional photo place about 35 years ago - she's now 70 and she loves the fact she had them done and one sits on her dressing table.

If you're wanting to sort through what it is you want to do you should get along to one of the uni fair/info days that will come up in the next months - you can always talk to people about what the best path might be for you.

Bridget said...

I think its super important to set goals for yourself. I know its really helped me on my journey!
I wanna know everyday how you are doing with your goals!! I'm going to try and drink more water. Hopefully that helps me get below the bloody 100 like you want too!