Sunday, July 13, 2008

Apologies for my absense

Hey everyone,

Sorry i haven't blooged for a while- had a lot of personal stuff going on and had to whip down south for a bit. It's been a crappy week physically and emotionally.. So i thought i'd lose nothing cos i've been eating myself stupid and hardly exercising. But my goodness- does the weight loss lord move in mysterious ways ?!!!! I lost 0.4. Not much i admit but still a loss !!!! So i'm pretty ecstatic over that. Espeically given the surplus of emotional eating and that going on for the week.. And the lack of exercise of course.

And while we're talking about exercise, might i mention that it's STILL that time of the month. I'm so cranky. Cos now i'm at the stage where i'm almost blacking out when i stand up. It sucks so so bad. I don't know what to do cos the doctors don't know what to do without doing a hysterectomy (i bleed through all contraceptives. excellent.) I'm really at my wits end and i think that this is reallllly starting to stall my weight loss. Thinking i might go to my doctor on my day off and yell at him some more and get a referral to yet ANOTHER gynaecologist..

Failed the last goal miserably. Still trying to get myself drinking water.. And am definitely going to endeavour trying pilates. Apparently it's gold for losing belly fat (which i have plenty of. hehe !!)

Love to all guys,
Sami Xx

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