Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey guys,
yes i am aware it's early o'clock and the rooster has just crowed... it's pathetic. My daughter is sick and has been up most of the night so i'll have to take her to the dr's AGAIN. I swear to god Qld Health is on the news for a reason, they are PATHETIC !!!! My poor little piggy has been sick on and off for months with this silly flu- as have i but for weeks, not months. So yeah i'm just hanging out for 7:30 to rock around so i can call work and tell them i'm not coming in. I'm sure they'll be very impressed. Not. That's one of the major things that sucks about the army and being an army wife. You don't have a support network. And like my employer are pretty good and fairly flexible but still i'd rather be working than at home watching her bullshit on tv all day- and she'll be tempramental as well because she's sick. Guaranteed that by 10 am i'll want to stab Dorothy the Dinosaur in the eyes.

Anyway, because i'm up when the rooster crowed this morning (actually it was something silly like 4 am when i finally gave up and though i'll just get up.. my sleep was broken all night anyway..) i decided to go surfing round everyone's blogs- which i haven't done for ages !!

It's absolutely wonderful to see how great everyone is going !! Makes you think we're all in the same situation, we all get frustrated with restriction and we all plateau- which sucks, that i'm not denying, but it happens to the best of us. Anyway so on with my story.. One of the blogs had virtual models ( a couple did actually) and so i decided to steal their idea basically..

So, the top one was of me at starting weight - 123.8. Absolutely hideous to say out loud.
The next one is where i'm sitting at now- 97.7
And the final one is where i want to be at my goal- which i have changed my mind and decided i now want to be 70. Initially it was 65 and then i realised when i met my friend for lumch yesterday that that's ridiculous. She's a good food shorter than me and she is a size 10 and weighs 68kg. So me being 65- would clearly make me look anorexic. Not the look i'm going for at all..



Taking back control said...

Hi There, I hear you loud and clear re the kids at home from school/daycare.
My youngest daughter in particular was prone to colds flus virus's, whatever the hell was going around basically, she eats well and exercises, but still...anyway, my doctor suggested that I put her on a daily vitamin, which I did, pentavite chewable for kids. Very very good! Only very occasionally now is she sickly.

[I got your comment re the shoes too, funny, I never think about heels...must change my mindset, I hear they lift your butt nicely as well as give you leg definition and height]

Melanie said...

All I can say is that it seems to get better as kids get older. Having no support is hard and they wonder why people won't join the armed forces! I love the models and it just demonstrates how terrific you're doing.

She Smiles said...

You might find you readjust your goal weight as you get closer. I started with mine at 70, then decided on 65 and currently, I'd ideally like to get to 60. I'm at 72 now and I know that I'd like to get at the very least under 65. I thought that would be too skinny on me too, when I was bigger but now I can picture it cos I am closer. I couldn't even imagine it before though!

Bridget said...

Update missy!