Monday, September 15, 2008

The cold hard fact is..

Wellll i know i haven't updated for a while but i've had so so much on ! It was my birthday last week and that was really great. Got some lovely pressies so i'm a very lucky girl but the downer is that i turned 23. I feel so so old ! My mother in law was up to help me celebrate which was good because my husband left for Germany the day before which i was a bit sad about.. But never mind. I just need to stay positive- he'll be back in a couple of weeks. But we did eat alot of crap that weekend.. LOL !!
Then i've had Charlie realllllllly sick. She's been sick on and off for months and had so much medication i can't poke a stick at but now they've finally figured out she's got asthma. She's had the nastiest cough for days and days the poor little thing. And at her daycare she keeps getting all these mosquito bites all over her. So unimpressed because she's allergic and so scratching the shit out of herself and they're scarring. The last couple of days she's not been eating or drinking though but i managed to get some fluids into her tonight which was good.
And now we talk about the dreaded weight thing. Well the Dr changed my AD's and put me on mood stabilisers as well. And he said be aware, these may make you put on weight cos it makes your brain think you're hungry.. And i kind of thought whatever i've got the band so i'll be right. WRONG !!!! I've put on like 2 kilos so back upto 99. I'm so so cranky. I've changed back to my old medication now so should start getting back into it but i've joined a gym and i'm getting a fill tomorrow so that should help. The Gym especially, if i ever have time to friggen go. But the cold hard fact at the moment is that i've slipped back into some of my old patterns and upped my liquid calories (eg. coke etc.. which hasn't helped matters..) and i feel like a big fat whale !!!! So that's in turn triggered me to feel like shit and eat a bit more. But i've walked that hill so i know i can do anything i put my mind to. I just have to get some time to do it !
I've set myself an exercise goal as well.. In about 10-15 more kilos i want to start taking dance classes. I watched Step Up and Step Up 2 on the weekend and it was awesome. I'd love to dance like that. I can see myself now ripping it up in a club somewhere. LOL. But i've always wanted to do ballroom and latin american as well.. So i'm thinking i might see if i can get into some classes for those styles. Obviously not confident enough yet- i feel like a big fat cow but yeah down the track definitely.
Hope everyone has been behaving themselves more than i have !
Sami Xx
PS. Did anyone watch dancing with the stars tonight ? Sonia's dress was by Matthew Eager and it was just stunning. That's exactly what i'd love to wear to the army ball (mid november- so very little hope there..) But it was so simple but glamourous. Loved it !!!! And the colour was like this cobalt/electric blue. It was amazing ! (If you haven't noticed i have a passion for fashion..Thinking i've missed my calling- should be a stylist. Trinny and Susannah look out !!!! LOL !)

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Bridget said...

OMG! Laughed at that photo!! Funny stuff matey!
Don't worry.... you have a lot of motivation, that extra 2 kilos will come off in no time sweetheart. I believe in you