Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When it's sink or swim You've gotta think to win !

Well i joined a gym. It's official. I joined on the weekend and it's Tuesday today and i have the flu and it would have been so easy for me to not go but i made my bitch arse go ! And i went and did about 5 seconds on the elliptical machine (nearly killed me..lol) then 30 minutes on the treadmill with the incline on 3.5 and at 5.5 km's an hour then about 25 minutes on the exercise bike. So i was pretty pleased overall with that effort ! Specially when i'm sick and i still went !

Then i had to go see my surgeon and got a fill so that was good too- he gave me a ml.. I have restriction at meal times but i've been finding that i'm getting hungry between meals. So now i have 6.5 ml in. I wouldn't have bothered getting any at all in if i wasn't snacking between meals but i have been so i did. I'd lost about 3 kg since i last saw the Dr a month ago so they were really happy with that. (I'm not). But i'm fluidy as a motherfucker as well which isn't fun, i've been finding i'm so swollen that i've got to jam my wedding rings on in the morning.

Still no luck with a dress for my grandparents anniversary party- however have struck gold for the army ball in November. It's a Lisa Ho dress that's like a white strapless maxi dress and will look amazing up here in Townsville and then it has like this smoke print on the front and it's hard to explain but it will take away from my belly. My husband i'm thinking i'll get him a matching like gun metal grey Hugo Boss suit. We'll look hot. Just have to get to size 14.. should be achieveable. I've got 8-9 wks to do it so gotta get into it.. hoping the gym and fill will help. As for the party- no idea. Just find a nice top i'm hoping (i'm in between sizes so that's adding to my frustration) and hopefully i'll be able to buy a pair of jeans off the rack from Jeans West or something. I'll put pics up for sure of that as well. Hopefully i'll be looking flash as Michael Jackson. Well praying...

Thinking of all my fellow bandits- Xx

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