Saturday, August 23, 2008

The heat is on !

Sorry i haven't updated for a bit guys- yes i know i'm slack but i had to go and dj that abomination of an excuse for a party in childers and then got back and had to go to work so it's just been go go go !!

On the weight loss front as of this morning currently sitting on a very nice figure of 99.5.  I'm ok with that- but  i have the following social events coming up to keep me motivated

-September 6th - my birthday
-September 27th - the grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party
-October 11th- wedding back home in Innisfail (which  haven't been back to since i left in 2003 !!)
-Octber 18th- Goosey Lucy's 18th birthdy party
- Mid November- The 1RAR ball.  The first one my lovely husband has ever invited me to.  

Sooooo long story short i'd like to try and lose 20kg in 12 weeks (copletely laughable, yes i am aware..)   But most of these army wives are like size 10 so yeah..  If i could at least get to 80kg that'd help !  I wouldn't have to go looking like fat albert. 

On a more positive note i got a fill the ther day so i now have 5.5 ml in a 10 ml band.  Nearly pb'd last night for the first time since re-banding.  I was scared shitless !!  Cannot afford another slip at all- my dr says 3 strikes and you're out.  Bugger !!  

Hope everyone else is travelling ok..
thought and wishes and hugs 
Sami Xx

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Sandra D said...

Hey girl, don't be putting upressure on yourself that you don't need. You are doing well, and don't sabotage yourself with unrealistic goals. Who care about the sz 10 army wives? Just be yourself and enjoy your journey at a pace that is reasonable. :)