Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And i'm thinking about getting a tattoo at goal- although my mother has threatened to disown me =)

this is what i want if i get one.. this way i can hide it with my hair.. clever !!


Bridget said...

I'm with you on this one!! Excellent tat! I want mine on my foot.

Melanie said...

You will look gorgeous no matter whjat weight you are at the army ball - and guess what many of the guys are secretly wishing their wives were a bit volumptuous - my men friends assure me that they mightn't admit it but they like curvey. I've always found good posture (gawd I sound like Aunty Ethel or something), especially shoulders back, boobs out and head up immediately make you look fabulous, even if we are fatter than we'd like to be. Never be ashamed, never not do what you want to because of your weight. It's funny, my hubby and I have chatted a lot about this (we've been together for nearly 28 years) - he hates it when I put myself down. He loves me and he reckons it makes him feel angry when I put down the woman he loves (and fancies).

re the tatoo - I'm probably in your mum's age band - please don't do it!!! Imagine how poxy it will look as you age.