Sunday, August 31, 2008

But wait- Did anyone hear the word AWESOME ?

So.. remember how a couple of posts ago i showed a photo of a massive hill that sits behind my house ? Saying it's my exercise goal to walk up it ? Well guess what ? Today, the 30/08/08 i did it. I walked ALLLLLLLL the way up that damn hill and back !

I had a couple of rest breaks along the way i must admit for some water and to stretch but i got there. Allll the way up. I was so proud of myself when i got to the top i could not wipe the smile off my face.. However- there is a downer. Now that i've done it once i have no excuse not to do it again. Of course this will help with the 10 kilos i'm planning to get off in the next 27 days but i kid you not- one part of that hill was so steep, a lady walked down with her dog and it was panting and i thought oh my god that's my exact reflection !!!

Foodwise today been pretty good. And still trying to be gluten free as well. Kudos for motivation !!!

Ps- top pic is the view when i got to the top and the bottom pic is of the view coming down.. so beautiful.


Bridget said...

Kudos to you for still going gluten free!
I am so proud of you for getting up that hill!
When are you doing it again?? Lol.

Melanie said...

That's fantastic and it looks as you say "awesome". Well done. What a goal 10 kg in 27 days - is that humanly possible? realistic? Well all the best with it and again, congratulations on achieving this goal. Mel