Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho Ho Ho.. Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas everyone !!!
I'm so glad it's over. I'm still in Cairns at the house of horrors and have been lazing around like a sloth. But i didn't put on anything over the silly season so that pleases me greatly !! I'm back to 95 even so it's creeping back down. The next thing on the agenda to think about i suppose is a New Year's Resolution.. Time flies when you're having fun.
One thing i have definitely noticed is that since i stopped exercising i've turned to slop. Complete and utter slop. So the next 30 Kilos is going to be alllll about exercise i'm thinking. And toning. Ryan wants me to start doing free weights too which isn't as crazy as it sounds either, apparently if you do free weights before you eat in the morning it speeds up your metabolism ten fold. Worth a crack. Only problem is i'm weak and picked up a 5 kg dumbbell in the sports store yesterday and nearly fell over. LOL !!!!!!
The family situation is yet to improve.. i am so so so so so so angry. I'll speak openly about my band with anyone that wants to hear it- except for one member of my family. I specifically did not want this person to know i'd had the band, so my mother told them that i was considering it but i was refused by the surgeon due to my gynae problems..

So last night my grandfather, in all his wisdom let it slip, which realllllllllly pisses me off when i've gone to such great lengths to keep it from her. To make matters worse this person has moved back to townsville. But what makes it worse was that i was talking to her like 4 days ago saying i HADN'T had the band cos of what my mum had told her.. Now i look like a complete and utter liar. You probably think i'm being petty but i'm furious and have now locked myself in the bedroom.
I can't wait to go home...
Sami Xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
I would not worry too much about your family if i was you ,you know what they say you can't choose your family only your friends. I too have been banded 6 months ago and have only chosen to tell a few close friends and family members even though my mum was not and still is not supportive at all.Anyway i think you look absolutely fantastic so far,i also love the hair colour too,All i can say is be glad that you can actually leave after xmas and leave all the crap behind and get back to your own little family that is all that matters.I beleive some people just get jealous at all the weight that you are losing that is why they can be so unsupportive.Keep up the great work,Cheers Tammy

Shrinking Dolly said...

Hey Sammi
Family at times bring out the best and worst in us. Like you, I have chosen not to tell everyone, that I am banded. The only member of my immediate family who know is my brother and sister in law who are both nurses.

That said, I know the sometimes, it just takes a look or one comment from a family member and boom! I go off like a fire cracker. I am working on how I choose to respond. Knowing that I owe it to myself to be the best that I can be, and well other family members issues, are well.... theirs.

Hope you have a great new year. You are looking truly gorogeous!


Bridget said...

Update!!!!! Heheehe